Dubmonger Presents: When Life Gives You Versions, Make an Album

by Dubmonger

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Download the album at the Translation Recordings Bandcamp page here: translationrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/dubmonger-presents-when-life-gives-you-versions-make-an-album

Translation pays homage to the version with a special release curated by Dubmonger!

Our favorite versionist originally kicked this project off as a competition, inviting others to remix his track “Version 2”. Once the submissions started coming in, Dubmonger approached us with the idea of curating a release of his favorites from the batch – the ones that, when played from start to finish, felt like (his words) “…an album of versions that borrowed from the source material as opposed to a bunch of remixes.” The contrast in styles and extent to which the original was stretched, morphed, and deconstructed made clear these works went beyond “remix” status. Here they are, presented not as remixes but as original works book-ended by two fresh Dubmonger cuts, Alpha Version and Omega Version.

To round things off, Forest Basha created a special mix heaped in his own custom sound where tracks are effected, mixed, and recorded to tape, alongside a hand-built dub siren before these recordings are re-captured at a slower speed. These down-pitched tape versions meander through an opaque dubwise haze, inviting the listener get even deeper into each composition.


released July 3, 2020

Compiled by Dubmonger
Mastered by Chris Jarman
Illustration & Design by Scott Smyth


all rights reserved



Dubmonger UK

Dubmonger is a producer with his own take on the dub genre, incorporating elements of ambient and electronic music in his dubbed out experiments.

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